Friends of Fr. Peter Colapietro

Annual Chiefs Retirement Dinner – 2019

Uniformed Sanitation Chiefs Association held their Annual Chiefs Retirement Dinner on May 14, 2019. At the dinner Father Peter was again remembered. A plaque was dedicated to posthumously honor Father Peter for his service to this Department and City for over twenty years as Chaplain and Spiritual Director of the Holy Name Society, which was presented to his family, received by Michael and Robin. The Uniformed Sanitation Chiefs Association also generously presented a $10,000.00 donation to the Friends of Fr. Peter Colapietro Foundation. Many thanks to all the officers of the Uniformed Sanitation Chiefs Association: President Anthony Pasquale, Vice President Ignazio Azzara, Secretary / Treasurer Rosa Rizzo, Recording Secretary Elden Williams, Executive Board Alexander Chorny, Robert Cavanaugh, Daniel Lindley, Michael Saladino, and Legal Counsel Harry Greenberg.

With many thanks to all for your generosity and comforting stories. Father Peter will always be alive in our hearts as we remember his simple prayer:

“God is good; All the time!”